onsdag, oktober 24


Jag promenerade runt i Cambridge häromdagen och gick in i en av bokaffärerna. Man älskar ju bokaffärer, det gör man. Jag hade inte riktigt tänkt köpa något men som många gånger tidigare när jag har tänkt detta, gick det inte att låta bli. Jag köpte dock endast en: Twitterature: The World's Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter. Jag tycker att den är fantastiskt rolig. Urhärlig! Det är två unga snubbar, Alexander Aciman och Emmett Rensin, som har tagit sig an klassiker som Macbeth, The Great Gatsby,  Candide och Paradise Lost och skrivit om dem i Twitterstil. Hurdå? undrar ni. Eftersom jag älskar att citera ur böcker ska jag göra det. Jag har inte läst alla kapitel eftersom jag inte har läst alla klassiker och det är ju såklart mycket mycket roligare om man har gjort det. Hamlet har jag läst. Mkt kul:

Hamlet by William Shakespeare
My royal father gone and nobody seems to care.

Mom says to stop wearing black.

STOP TRYING TO CONTROL ME. I won't conform! I wish my skin would just … melt.

I'm too sad to notice that Ophelia's so sexy and fine. And mother also looks rather fair despite all her struggles.

AN APPARITION! This shit just got HEAVY. Apparently people don't accidentally fall on bottles of poison.

Why is Claudius telling me what to do again? YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD! In fact you killed my real dad. :(

2bornt2b? Can one tweet beyond the mortal coil?

I wrote a play. I hope everyone comes tonight! 7pm! Tickets are free w/ great sense of irony.

Uncle just confessed to Dad's murder.

I had a knife to that fat asshole but bitched out. Now he's alive and still taking to bed with that beautiful wo— … er, my mother.

Gonna try to talk some sense into Mom because boyfriend totally killed Dad. I sense this is the moment of truth, the moment of candour and –


I just killed my girlfriend's dad. Does this mean I can't hit that?

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are here, up to their shenanigans. YAWN.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. Anyone miss them? Didn't think so.

The gravedigger's comic speech isn't funny at all. It's heavy and meaningful. Just send me YouTube vids instead, pls. I am so borrredddd.

Ophelia just pulled a Virginia Woolf. Funeral is on the morrow.

Laertes is unhappy that I killed his father and sister. What a drama queen! Oh well, fight this evening.

Anybody want a drink? Uh-oh. That went poorly.

@PeopleofDenmark: Don't worry. Fortinbras will take care of thee. Peace.

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Feuerzeug sa...

Vilken rolig idé. Jag måste ha den här. Ska absolut hålla ögonen öppna!

Anna sa...

Ja, den är så himla bra! Köp!